A Mac is a personal computer like other personal computers. In general use, the term PC refers to the computer running the Windows OS, not Apple, Inc. made operating systems. You can use the Windows in your Mac by going through some technical setups which are as following:


  •  Mac facilitates you running the dual operating system in your PC by using Apple’s Boot Camp. It links the PC with Windows operating system and segment. Apart from Apple’s boot camp’s service, it’s not possible to operate Windows and macOS simultaneously.


  •  At the time, running windows in your Mac operating system if you wish to use a virtual machine (a file in a computer called an image, which works like a computer), better go for VirtualBox, VMware Fusion, and Parallels Desktop. Acknowledge that the virtual machine does not support Window’s dual boot configuration feature.


  •  However, if you want to run the Windows without installation, use CrossOver Mac, an alternate option of purchasing a full windows license, and work best for the windows’ complete set.