Email Services:  Google, Gmail, Outlook, Sbcglobal


  • Gmail Services


Gmail developed by Google providing free services of sending files, email, undo sent messages, security options with verification steps, and also go through in offline mode. It is easily accessible on the web and using a third-party device. It can be easily installed in Android, iPhone, or Desktop and sign up by filling some personal information.


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  • Outlook Email Services, developed by Microsoft, facilitates in email service, calendar, browsing web, task managing, and other features. You can quickly sign up for the outlook account by filling a form.


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  • Sbcglobal Email          


After merged up of Yahoo and AT&T together, mail is now the part of mail. To login to your SBCGlobal account, you need to go through the yahoo mail service first and then enter your AT&T login details.