Application: MS Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook



  • Use of Mozilla Thunderbird for Android & Iphone


Thunderbird is Mozilla’s evolution, addressed to manage the mail with many advantages in itself. With time, various software are launched to run in 

android and iphone mobiles, which are relatively easy to run and install. But Mozilla’s Thunderbird is not applicable for android & Iphone for now, and it is only functioning Desktop. No hope of releasing the version for android in the scene yet because of the Thunderbird’s limited resources.

  • MS Office installation in Android & Iphone 


MS Office is easily accessible running in the Android version and Iphone by signing in Microsoft account or connecting through the medium of another party storage device. MS Office software is free to install and does not require signing in any account, but you cannot save and find the cloud documents.


  • Microsoft Outlook for Android & Iphone

Microsoft Outlook featured to provide service of advanced email and calendar needs. Microsoft 365 customize domains service, exclusive security settings, the full desktop version of office, ad-free interface, and 1 TB storage. You can install the software on both android phones through the Google Play Store and iPhone through the Apple app store at no cost.